A tribute to the Sevillian poet Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. It is elaborated with over-matured in its strain and latterly sun-drenched bunches to acquire the optimal level of sugar to get the characteristic taste of raisins. Sweet but not cloying it is an ideal wine for aperitifs and desserts and, specially, to share with friends.

Wine with protected certificate of origin Lebrija, city founded by god Bacchus himself according to the legend


MARRIAGE: Desserts, pastries, pasta, pâtés and strong cheeses. Ideal to make sauces

SERVICE TEMPERATURE:  Between  12 and 14 degrees.

VISUAL  PHASE: dense dark mahogany color

OLFACTORY PHASE: powerful raisins, prunes and jams

TASTING PHASE: frank and friendly with exquisite shots on raisins.


Silver Medal CINVE 2014
Bachus 2013 gold medal
91 points Peñín