Lebrija old Gonzalez Palacios 1985 (Fortified Wine)


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Lebrija Old 1986 Gonzalez Palacios, its oxidative aging (palo cortado) in barrels centenarians for more than 30 years, gives it its characteristic color and aromas, saved a whole jewel in our cellars.

GASTRONOMY Stews, and Zaza red meats, nuts and strong cheeses.

TEMPERATURE Between 14 to 16 degrees

APPEARANCE De amber shooting coba, satiny wine, with big tears in glass.

Powerful, complex and surprising nose, where we find nuts, especially walnuts, roasted toast smells of wood, with light sweet and salty memories.

In the mouth become nuts, toasted almonds and hazelnuts and dried apricots more subtly, long and pleasant aftertaste..

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