Solo Palomino is the wine how it was made before the English wine-making. González Palacios retakes the 17th century way of making wine, biologically ageing, without added alcohol and producing year on year.

White biological ageing wine, under the natural yeast membrane, with 100% palomino grapes and no containing added spirit , what makes it an unique wine in the market.

Wine with protected certificate of origin Lebrija, city founded by god Bacchus himself according to the legend

MARRIAGE: Seafood, fishes, white meat and pasta


VISUAL  PHASE: Old gold color with gold trim and a dense tear

SMELLING PHASE: yeasty and complex with riped fruit and salinity.

TASTING  PHASE: unctuous and pleasant with hints of mineral and pastries


92 points Peñín Guide
Silver CINVE 2015
Silver BACHUS 2015