Viento en la Cara, Its name comes from the pleasure of tasting this wonderful wine,  which is like a stream of freshness, like a breath of joy and youth. It is a different wine, elaborated with a selection of optimum ripening grapes  using the best technologies in the hand of our oenologist.

Wine with protected certificate of origin Lebrija, city founded by god Bacchus himself according to the legend


 MARRIAGE: Seafood, fish, white meat and pasta.

 SERVICE TEMPERATURE:  Between 10 and12 degrees

 VISUAL  PHASE: Straw yellow with golden highlights. Tear of good density

 SMELLING PHASE: Fresh to the nose with hints of citrus, pineapple, freshly cut grass, and mineral salt

 TASTING PHASE : Smooth and silky to the palate with flavors of pink grapefruit and slightly spicy and salty own touches of terroir, clean and pleasant finish


Silver Medal CINVE 2017